During my degree in Translation and Interpreting in English and Italian, I participated in several exchange programs: a year-long Erasmus in Rome, Italy; an Atlanticus scholarship in Illinois, EEUU; and a threemonth internship teaching Spanish in the University of Turin, Italy. Afterwards I did some volunteering teaching Spanish to young immigrant which allowed me to understand even better the difficulties of living abroad, far from your family, your culture and your language.

I began working at INCOMA as a trainee and afterwards I took the offer to stay in the company because I believe my experiences abroad changed my life and the way I see the world, and I want to help participants in these exchange programs to have an experience as enriching and fulfilling as mine. Thanks to all the support of my colleagues I enjoy my work managing mobility programs, interviewing different young people, contacting local companies, managing the documents and in general supporting groups from different countries that we receive in Seville.